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Nov16 Cg article1

We continue our collaboration with Perenco Congo. In addition to our regular maintenance operations, our teams took care this month of an electric cable laying and a Flexstream pipe installation between two platforms.
The operation was divided in two phases:
- Structure installation to fix the cable and pipe from the surface down to -78m depth
- Releasing of the cable and the pipe
Thereafter, an electrician team tested the electric cable and the divers team performed a hydro and air test followed by a ROV survey on the pipe on the entire distance.
The Flexstream pipe was then set in his I-tubes and collars from the surface down to -60m depth on both platforms.

Nov16 Cg article3

The SRP operations for Total EP Congo continue and our teams have performed various missions:
- Buoys inspection and cleaning
- Towing hawser changing
- TRH inspection
- Hoses cleaning
- Tanker connection and disconnection
Our teams have been working on this project for few months now and the client is satisfied with our professionalism, the quality and our services diversity.

Nov16 Cg article4

Many other successful operations took place in Congo during the past month in different fields:
- Deep Water anodes inspection
- Collars welding on I-tubes
- Bar attachment in-water cutting
- Ubolts installation by a rope access team
- Risers cleaning
- Risers load strut cutting
- Boat Landing replacement    
- Stem guide cutting and evacuation
- Thickness measurement
- Monitorings
- Anodes installation
- Pipes inspection
- Fabrication and installation of risers collars
- Installation of concrete mattress on pipes

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Nov16 Cg article4 bis1

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Nov16 Gab article 1

Nov16 Gab article 1 bis 1

Our teams relay to complete the missions scheduled with our client Perenco Gabon.

Thanks to our versality, speed of execution and efficiency, we have managed to achieve several operations this month again during hundreds of diving hours:

- Intervention on power cable
- Bumper installation
- Chains cleaning
- Thickness and voltage measurement

- Sea Chest inspection and cleaning
- Ladder fabrication and installation
- Anodes installation and welding
- Frames inspection and cleaning

Nov16 Gab article1chaine

Nov16 Gab article 2

Furthermore, we are currently performing a complete UWILD on the Mayumba FPSO. Our teams are following a strict methodology and the work will be continuing for the next 3 weeks.

Nov16 Gab article 3

Our teams’ additional qualifications such as the IRATA are highly valued by our clients.
Therefore, when our divers are not in the waters, they can perform rope access operations: it is cost-effective for our clients as we can work on 2 different jobs with the same team.


Nov16 Cam

TPSMI Group Cameroon and Perenco Cameroon are keeping up the good work together.
Operations are running smoothly and this month, we organized an emergency /safety exercise.
These type of tests are randomly run in all our bases and offshore as a reminder to our teams that safety comes first!
The exercise is a complete reproduction of what could happen in real emergency situations. It is implemented in accordance with our HSE policy and all the current international recommendations and standards.

Ivory Coast

TPSMI Group Ivory Coast installation in Abidjan is progressing well.

We received our approval from the maritime and ports authorities.

Just in time for the end of the work on our boat: control room electrification, installation of the boat launch support for the life-raft, …

We can’t wait to get into the water!


TPSMI Group is happy to announce the appointment of Pierre Neiveyans as the new HSE Manager.
With a strong experience in the Oil & Gas Industry and many qualifications, he will be in charge of the group HSE strategy and its execution across our bases.


Nov16 RH

We still have many request in terms of recruitment and mobilizations and our RH department is keeping up the good work!
In Congo, we managed regular rotations and ad hoc missions of tens of teams while finding solutions for urgent requests from our clients: mission extending, mobilization/ replacement in 24hours, …

We did the same in Gabon where urgent requests were satisfied on time in order not to disrupt ongoing operations and schedules.

In Cameroon, our client Perenco is very pleased with our team’s management. For the past 16 months, not only did we recruited and managed our teams in accordance with the client requirement but we also made sure several of our divers could perform other tasks like ROV monitoring or rope access.

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